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📺 Video Tutorials: Learn the 2 methods on how to create aesthetic Notion planners by using elements inside of Notion as well as using Canva 

🛠 Build With Me series: Watch over my shoulder as I create a Notion planner from scratch to finish

🙋‍♀️ Frequently Asked Questions: In this section, I answer all your FAQs. Got a question? Feel free to email me and I'll post a video for you. Here you'll find answers to questions like "Where can I sell my Notion planners?" and "Do I need to make super intense Notion planners to be successful?"

📋 My Aesthetic Notion Cheatsheet: This cheatsheet will give you all the codes and hacks mentioned in this mini course. All you need to do is copy and paste!

🎁 Bonus! Canva Etsy Listing Photo Templates: Made specifically for Notion planners, these Canva templates will make your life so much easier when creating your listing photos for your new Notion planner.

🎁 Bonus! Listing Description Example: Use the listing description I use in my own Etsy shop, tailored specially for Notion planners. Plus you'll get some help with what keywords to use.

🪴 Extra Resources: You'll get a list of some Facebook groups you can join plus the top Notion creators to follow on Instagram to get all the latest Notion updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

1️⃣ I'm brand new to Notion, is this course for me?

Unfortunately, this course doesn't cover the basics of Notion. I highly recommend knowing the basics of Notion before taking this course.

2️⃣ I'm an advanced Notion user, is this course for me?

Great question! If you'd like to learn more about how to design a Notion planner that's both functional and beautiful, this course is for you.

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Creating Pretty Notion Planners Mini Course

Creating Pretty Notion Planners Mini Course

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Creating Pretty Notion Planners 

In this mini course, you'll learn how to uplevel your Notion planners and create aesthetically pleasing planners that your customers will love! 😍

💸 Notion planners are selling like hotcakes! With Notion planners selling for $10-$50, you can add some higher priced products to your shop!

1️⃣ Creating a mood board for your planner
2️⃣ Designing an easy to use, aesthetically pleasing layout + dashboard
3️⃣ Creating custom banners, dividers, and icons (using Notion hacks and Canva)
4️⃣ Customizing your fonts (using Notion hacks and Canva)
5️⃣ Creating simple databases that won't overwhelm your customers (or yourself!)
6️⃣ Adding template buttons to make your customers' lives way easier
7️⃣ Adding a little bit of magic with widgets, video, and music

New to Notion? Notion is a free software that is completely customizable by both the creator and the user. While it's based off of databases, you don't need to use databases to create amazing Notion planners!

⚠️ Please note: This mini course is for people who know how to use Notion (or at least the basics of it). I don't teach the basics of Notion inside of this mini course. If you are completely new to Notion, I recommend this course (and you'll get a $20 off coupon for the Creating Pretty Notion Planners mini course as a bonus if you use my affiliate link! Send a copy of your receipt to to receive your coupon). 
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Customer Reviews

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Cynthia S.

Creating Pretty Notion Planners Mini Course

Elle M.
So easy for a beginner

I love the way Michelle breaks everything down in small bite size pieces, and so easy to follow along.

Gina S.
Simply The Best

Although I've been using Notion for a long time already, this course was FULL of amazing info, tips, and design tricks I'd never seen before. It kicked my Templates up a notch and I'm actually sliiiiiiiightly embarrassed at all of the stuff I've released before this course....