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What You'll Receive

You'll get:

1️⃣ A Google Sheets spreadsheet with 4 tabs

2️⃣ Video instructions on how to use the spreadsheet

Frequently Asked Questions

1️⃣ Can I use this sheet in Excel?

While technically, you could use this spreadsheet in Excel, I wouldn't recommend it. This spreadsheet was specifically made in Google Sheets and it may lose some of its functionality when moved over to Excel.

2️⃣ Can I resell this spreadsheet?

No, this spreadsheet is only for personal use. Meaning you can use it to organize your business but you cannot copy, share, resell, redistribute, or recreate this spreadsheet.

Product Terms & Conditions

Please note: As stated in the Terms and Conditions, we do not offer refunds. 

By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions.

For personal use only. You can use this spreadsheet to help organize your business but you can't resell or give away this spreadsheet.

You cannot share, reproduce, redistribute, or resell this spreadsheet or any of the content inside this spreadsheet.

Questions? Please reach out to

Accessing Your Purchase

This spreadsheet is hosted in Google Sheets. You'll need a FREE Google account.

Once you make your purchase, you'll receive a link to make a copy of the spreadsheet, which will automatically save in your Google Drive account.

Celebrate Your Wins Tracker Spreadsheet for Google Sheets

Celebrate Your Wins Tracker Spreadsheet for Google Sheets

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Celebrate your wins in style! 

Say hello to the Celebrate Your Wins Tracker, your new best friend for celebrating every success, big or small.

This cute and easy-to-use spreadsheet is perfect for jotting down all your business wins. Whether you just started your shop or launched a new product, this accomplishment spreadsheet (aka brag book) has got you covered.

In this Google Sheets tracker, you'll:

Mark when each awesome win happens, so you can look back and smile at your journey.

Write down the details of your win – because every win deserves a little spotlight!

✨ Organize your wins by category, like Sales, Marketing, or Product Creation (completely customizable!).

Plan how to celebrate – with a bonus or maybe a little treat!

Jot down any extra thoughts or details that make each win special.

The Celebrate Your Wins Tracker isn’t just a spreadsheet; it’s a fun way to celebrate all your hard work and achievements. Grab your tracker today and start tracking your wins like the superstar you are!

This easy to use spreadsheet is for Google Sheets. All you need is a FREE Google account, which you can access from your phone, tablet, or computer!

Inside the Celebrate Your Wins Tracker, you'll find:

✨ Tab 1: Win Tracker - This where you'll log all of your wins (big and small). Add in details like the date, win description, type, category, reward, and any notes.

The spreadsheet automatically calculates how many wins you have (big vs small) plus how many wins you have in each category.

✨ Tab 2: Categories - Customize your categories on this tab to fit your preferences. They'll automatically update within the spreadsheet. Comes with 25+ examples of categories.

✨ Tab 3: Rewards - On this tab, you can add all your fave rewards as well as see 100 examples of free or low cost rewards.

✨ Tab 4: Win Examples - This tab lists 60+ examples of wins to get you started.

✨ Duplicate the Win Tracker tab as needed (you can create a new tab for each new year or for each month!)

✨ Video instructions on how to use the Google Sheets spreadsheet

📺 See inside the spreadsheet right here!

Why this spreadsheet is awesome 😎

✨ Dynamic design: Add in the basic details and the formulas will do the rest!

✨ Track up to an unlimited number of wins. Easily add in more rows as needed or duplicate the tracker for the new year

✨ Visualize the data with beautiful graphs 

✨ Made for Google Sheets so you can use a FREE Google account 

✨ Easy to use with a beautiful design

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