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What You'll Receive

You'll get:

1️⃣ 2 Google Sheets templates

• Monthly calendar with daily checklist

• Simplified monthly calendar

2️⃣ Video tutorials on how to easily customize the templates (using all my hacks!)

3️⃣ Examples of Etsy keywords

4️⃣ List of spreadsheet features to easily write your listing descriptions

Frequently Asked Questions

1️⃣ Can I use this template in Excel?

Unfortunately, no. This template was designed specifically for Google Sheets and not all of the formulas/functionality will transfer over to Excel.

2️⃣ Do I need to be a Google Sheets pro to use this template?

Nope! I'm made it super easy for everyone to use this template kit. You will need a basic knowledge of computers though.

3️⃣ What's included in the commercial use license?

You can take the templates in this kit to create a finished product to sell in your own shop. Your customers can use the spreadsheets for personal use only. 

You cannot take the templates (either as is or with changes made to them) and sell them as templates for other people to resell. The resale rights for this product are only for you.

There is no limit to how many final products you sell. 

4️⃣ Can I add edit the formulas/layout of this template/make other big changes?

Unless you're a Google Sheets pro, I highly recommend not to. The templates were created to be used as is, where you can customize the style of the spreadsheet (colours, fonts, etc.).

If you decide to edit the spreadsheet past what I show in the tutorials, unfortunately I won't be able to assist with any potential issues.

5️⃣ Will this teach me how to make spreadsheets?

No, this template kit won't teach you how to create spreadsheets.

Product Terms & Conditions

Please note: As stated in the Terms and Conditions, we do not offer refunds. 

By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions.

You cannot share, reproduce, redistribute, or resell this course/template or any of the content inside this course/template.

If this product comes with a template, you are able to sell the finished product made from the template but you cannot share or sell the template itself.

Questions? Please reach out to

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The Google Sheets Mini Template Kit - Simple Monthly Calendar Edition

The Google Sheets Mini Template Kit - Simple Monthly Calendar Edition

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Sell this simple monthly calendar spreadsheet in your shop!

If you've ever wanted to sell Google Sheets spreadsheets in your Etsy shop but are overwhelmed at the idea of creating a spreadsheet, this mini template kit is the perfect starting point! 🤯

Your customers will love organizing their life with this simple monthly calendar spreadsheet. Plus with 2 spreadsheet versions included in this template kit, your customers can choose the best fit for them 😃

  • Version 1 - Monthly calendar with daily checklists
  • Version 2 - Simplified monthly calendar with a to do list

This Simple Monthly Calendar spreadsheet is perfect for:

  • Adding new products to your shop
  • Offering as an opt-in freebie for your email list
  • Giving as a bonus to previous customers
  • As a surprise gift when someone purchases a product from your shop

🎨 Add your own style to the spreadsheet with easy to follow tutorials. This Google Sheets template is a great addition to your shop!

Inside this spreadsheet, you'll find:

✨  Tab 1 - Start Here: Written instructions for your customers to show how to use the spreadsheet.

✨  Tabs 2 to 13 - Monthly Calendars (Jan to Dec): Add your tasks + events to the monthly calendar to stay organized.

  • The dates automatically update when you edit the year
  • Easily switch from Monday to Sunday starts
  • Each version comes with an area for your top 3 focuses for the month and a to do list (with progress bar)
  • Version 1 also has a checklist + progress bar for each day and an automatic counter for how many tasks you've completed for the month and what tasks are left over.

📺 Sneak Peek - See inside the mini template kit right here

🗝 Key Spreadsheet Features

Version 1

  • Add your top 3 focuses for the month.
  • To do list to add all of your tasks without a deadline. As you check them off, the progress bar updates.
  • Each day of the month has a checklist so you can add up to 6 tasks for the day. As you check off the tasks, they cross out and the progress bar for the day updates.
  • Mini dashboard area to see how many tasks you have left for today plus see how many tasks have been completed this month and how many tasks are left.
  • Automatic calculations, all you need to do is add in your tasks and the spreadsheet does the rest!

Version 2 

  • Add your top 3 focuses for the month.
  • To do list to add all of your tasks without a deadline. As you check them off, the progress bar updates.
  • Each day of the month has room to add up to 7 tasks for the day.
  • Automatic calculations, all you need to do is add in your tasks and the spreadsheet does the rest!

📦 What's Included 

  • 2 Google Sheets templates (Version 1 & 2)
  • Video tutorials on how to easily customize the templates (using all my hacks!)
  • Examples of Etsy keywords
  • List of spreadsheet features (to easily write your product descriptions)
  • Unlimited commercial use license

📝 What you need to use this template kit:

  • A free Google account
    • Note: I recommend customizing the templates on a computer or laptop using a web browser. The tablet/phone apps have limited functionality when it comes to customizing.

💡 All your customers need is a FREE Google account to access the spreadsheet. They can access them on any of their devices (computer, tablet, or phone).

🤔 Why purchase this Google Sheets Mini Template Kit?

  • Beautiful design
  • Super simple for your customers to use
  • Super easy for you to customize the fonts, colours, etc. 
  • Formulas + calculations are already done for you
  • Made for Google sheets so your customers can use a FREE Google account
  • Comes with a commercial use license, which means you can sell the finished spreadsheets, as many times as you want.

💸 Commercial Use Terms

✔️ You can sell the spreadsheet as a final product to your customers for them to use for personal use only.

✗ You cannot pass on the resale rights to your customers.

✗ You cannot sell these spreadsheets as templates for your customers to customize and resell themselves. Your customers must use the spreadsheets for personal use only. 

⚠️ Please Note

This template was created to be used as is. While you can customize the style, I don't recommend editing the formulas or layouts.

If you are a Google Sheets pro and decide to edit the formulas or layout, please note that I won't be able to help with any issues that may arise with changing the formulas or layout.

That said, I'm happy to answer any questions about how to customize the template as is.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Julie E.
Great Google sheets template

A great basic monthly calendar template. Like all of her products, Michelle explains how it works and how to customize it easily. Highly recommend!

Jenny M.
A great template that's easy to customise!

The Monthly Calendar mini template kit is simple and easy to turn into your own unique product. Michelle has made it so easy to navigate and yet again, she's clearly thought of everything. I launched this in my Etsy shop and got a sale within a couple of days!

Anna W.
Love the Simplicity!

The Monthly Calendar mini template kit was created to with simplicity and the beginner in mind. But don’t let that fool you into thinking the automation isn’t amazing. You get automation plus features that make this calendar unique. But the instructions makes the beginner look like experts.

Teuni P.
Awesome templates and good instructions

I love that I can download the template and watch the instructions in Teachery.

Gwen L.
Great product

I recently purchased Michelle’s Google Sheets Monthly Calendar Edition template kit, and it is a great product and easy to use. She explains everything you need to know to use it. Highly recommend.