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What You'll Receive

You'll get:

1️⃣ A Google Sheets spreadsheet with 6 tabs

2️⃣ Video instructions on how to use the spreadsheet

Frequently Asked Questions

1️⃣ Can I use this sheet in Excel?

While technically, you could use this spreadsheet in Excel, I wouldn't recommend it. This spreadsheet was specifically made in Google Sheets and it may lose some of its functionality when moved over to Excel.

2️⃣ Can I resell this spreadsheet?

No, this spreadsheet is only for personal use. Meaning you can use it to organize your business but you cannot copy, share, resell, redistribute, or recreate this spreadsheet.

Product Terms & Conditions

Please note: As stated in the Terms and Conditions, we do not offer refunds. 

By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions.

You cannot share, reproduce, redistribute, or resell this course/template or any of the content inside this course/template.

If this product comes with a template, you are able to sell the finished product made from the template but you cannot share or sell the template itself.

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Accessing Your Purchase

This spreadsheet is hosted in Google Sheets. You'll need a FREE Google account.

Once you make your purchase, you'll receive a link to make a copy of the spreadsheet, which will automatically save in your Google Drive account.

Email Marketing Planner Spreadsheet

Email Marketing Planner Spreadsheet

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Uplevel your income with your email marketing strategy!

With a consistent email marketing strategy, you'll deepen your connection with your audience while creating a more stable income for your business 🤯
This Email Marketing Planner spreadsheet will help you plan your emails so you avoid the whole "Crap! I forgot to send out an email again!" panic that regularly follows business owners 🙈

This is the perfect spreadsheet to help you:

  • Plan out the emails you want to send to your email list
  • Keep track of each emails stats and use that info to make better business decisions

While this spreadsheet doesn't design your email marketing strategy for you (I know, I wish it had those magical powers 😱), it'll help you organize and stay on top of your email marketing strategy.

🚫 Stop leaving writing your emails to the last minute
✔️ Stay on top of your email marketing plan and get sh*t done!
🚫 Stop procrastinating on sending out your next product launch email
✔️ Start making consistent income because you're following a consistent email marketing strategy

This easy to use spreadsheet is for Google Sheets. All you need is a FREE Google account, which you can access from your phone, tablet, or computer!

Inside the Email Marketing Planner, you'll find:

✨ Tab 1: Dashboard - An overview of your email marketing plan. See how many emails you have under each status plus track your subscriber growth each month. Easily see the data that'll help you make better business decisions.

Tab 2: Year At A Glance - Brain dump all your different events, product launches, sales, etc. under each month so you can easily see which emails you have to write and schedule for that month. Stop leaving emails to the last minute and start planing ahead with this tab!

✨ Tab 3: Content Scheduler - This tab is where you’ll plan out what emails you’d like to send, when, what type of email it is plus who you’ll be sending it to. Once your email is sent out, you can update the Stats portion with the data from your email marketing platform (like Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Flodesk, etc.)

✨ Tab 4: Monthly Calendar - Updates automatically with all the details you’ve added in the previous tab (Content Scheduler tab) and gives you a quick glance at all your planned emails for the month (including To Do, In Progress, Scheduled, and Send statuses).

✨ Tab 5: Email Content Planner - A template to help map out what to include in your email. Easily plan out what you want to write in your email by following the steps in the template.

✨ Tab 6: Ideas List - Keep all of your email ideas in one spot! Write down your idea, which topic it relates to, and your best product or collection that fits the idea and use the filters to quickly sort through your list.

Video instructions on how to use the Google Sheets spreadsheet

📺 See inside the spreadsheet!

Why this spreadsheet is awesome 😎

Dynamic design: Add in the basic details and the formulas will do the rest!

Helps you plan out your emails for the year while keeping track of each emails stats for you to make better business decisions

Visualize the data with beautiful graphs 

✨ Made for Google Sheets so you can use a FREE Google account 

Easy to use with a beautiful design

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Customer Reviews

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kate t.
Making my life SO much easier!!

This is a great spreadsheet dashboard! For someone who is new to email marketing, it is super helpful to have all of this info in one place, and since I know that Michelle is good at email marketing (😉) I trust her to include all the necessary elements. It's easy to use, and there's even a video tutorial to help those of us who are, cough-cough, older! ;-) Thank you for putting out another amazing product!