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What You'll Receive

You'll get:

🏷 66+ digital sticker templates (making over 2000 stickers!)

🖥 For Canva Pro, Apple Keynote, and Affinity Publisher

📺 Easy to follow tutorials on how to customize the templates

💸 Unlimited commercial use license

Frequently Asked Questions

1️⃣ What software will I need?

You’ll need either Canva Pro (the paid version of Canva), Apple Keynote (Mac/iPad), or Affinity Publisher (Mac and PC).


  • You can’t use the free version of Canva to use the digital sticker templates. You’ll need the Pro version in order to download PNG files with transparent backgrounds.
  • The iCloud version of Keynote doesn’t work for creating digital stickers.

2️⃣ Is there a commercial use license included?

Yep! With these templates, you can make as many digital stickers as you want from the templates and sell those stickers in your shop.

What you can’t do is resell the actual templates themselves (even if you alter/change them). 

You’re also not allowed to use the templates to create PLR (Private Label Rights) products.

What does this mean? You can create digital stickers from these templates to sell to your customers where they can then use them for their own personal use with their digital planners. 

What you’re not allowed to do is create digital stickers from these templates, sell them to your customers and give them the right to then sell those stickers in their own business.

3️⃣ Can I use these templates to make print/printable stickers?

Technically you can print the stickers made from these templates but I don't recommend that you do. 

The reason being is that they are specifically designed for digital planners, they aren't designed to be printed so the print quality is unknown.

Please note that I do not show how to print the stickers nor can I answer any printing related questions. 

4️⃣ How long will it take for me to create digital stickers?

It depends on how many you want to create! I’ve created the templates so you can easily change the fonts and colours.

Since all the templates come pre-cropped, all you have to do is export the stickers and get them ready to sell to your customers.

For example, when I create stickers for my new planners, it usually takes me about an hour to create 800+ stickers.

Product Terms & Conditions

Please note: As stated in the Terms and Conditions, we do not offer refunds. 

By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions.

You cannot share, reproduce, redistribute, or resell this course/template or any of the content inside this course/template.

If this product comes with a template, you are able to sell the finished product made from the template but you cannot share or sell the template itself.

Questions? Please reach out to

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The Digital Sticker Template Hub

The Digital Sticker Template Hub

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Create passive income selling cute digital stickers without starting from scratch!

Imagine sitting on the couch, watching TV with your family and hearing that lovely cha-ching sound 💸

You’ve just made a sale in your shop and you don’t have to make or ship anything. You’ve already created the product and can now sell it over and over again.

Passive income for the win! 🏆

What if I told you that you could add passive income in your shop without starting from scratch?

Introducing the Digital Sticker Template Hub! The easiest and quickest way to make digital stickers your next passive income stream 😍

In this template hub, you'll get:

  • 66+ digital sticker templates for Canva Pro, Apple Keynote, and Affinity Publisher
  • Each sticker is pre-cropped, has a drop shadow, and is easy to resize
  • Easily customize the colours, fonts, and patterns!
  • Learn all my hacks to easily create your digital stickers within an hour 🤯
  • Plus you'll get an unlimited commercial use license, so you can sell as many digital stickers as you want!

Types of Stickers

Inside you'll find templates for stickers like:

  • Basic shapes
  • Icons
  • Dated dots/numbers
  • Picture frames
  • Washi tape
  • List widgets
  • Sticky notes
  • Word stickers
  • Checklists + trackers
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